Referral Index

Accounts, departmental – Bonnie Tinker
Accounts, grant – Ellen Olson, Bonnie Tinker
Admissions, graduate – Justin Peters (M/AM), Alejandro Andreotti (MSM), Melanie Erickson
Admissions, undergraduate – James Wilson, Dawn Walker
Advising, graduate student – Justin Peters (M/AM), Alejandro Andreotti (MSM)
Advising, undergraduate – James Wilson, Dawn Walker
Advising files, undergraduate – Math Office, Jim Wilson, Dawn Walker
Advising files, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Advisory Board – Cliff Bergman, Bonnie Tinker
Applications, faculty and lecturer – Melanie Erickson
Applications, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Applications, undergraduate – Dawn Walker, James Wilson, Admissions
Awards, graduate students – Melanie Erickson
Awards, undergraduate students – Jim Wilson

Billing for copies, coffee – Ellen Olson
Bookstore orders – Ellen Olson, Bonnie Tinker
Budget, administration – Cliff Bergman, Bonnie Tinker
Budget, preparation – Cliff Bergman, Bonnie Tinker
Budget, summer – Jennifer Newman, Bonnie Tinker
Building problems – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson
Building Supervisor, Carver Hall – Ellen Olson

Calendar, online – Melanie Erickson
Campus visits, undergraduate – James Wilson, Dawn Walker
Campus visits, graduate – Melanie Erickson, Justin Peters
Carver Hall, building supervisor – Ellen Olson Carver Hall, Lost & Found -- 396 Carver Hall
Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (CEUME)- Elgin Johnston, Heather Bolles
Classroom, reservations – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson
Colloquia, setup – Jan Nyhus
Colloquia, scheduling – David Herzog, Pablo Stinga
Commencement, undergraduate – Undergraduate Committee
Communications –
Community College Outreach -- Elgin Johnston, Cliff Bergman
Complaints, student – Jennifer Newman
Computer labs, maintenance – Rod Ragner, Nicholas Payne-Lab Coordinator
Computer labs, scheduling – Nicholas Payne-Lab Coordinator
Computer labs, supervision – Rod Ragner, Nicholas Payne-Lab Coordinator
Computers, maintenance – Rod Ragner (
Conference Planning & Support -- Jan Nyhus
Configuration & quotes, computer equipment – Rod Ragner
Correspondence, general – Math Office, Ellen Olson
Correspondence, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Course offerings – Jennifer Newman, Elijah Stines, Graduate Committee, Undergraduate Committee
Course coordination, Math 10 – Chris Schultz
Course coordination, Math 104/105 -- Mark Hunacek
Course coordination, Math 140 – Man Basnet
Course coordination, Math 143/145 – Tim McNicholl

Course coordination, Math 150 – Jun Pan
Course coordination, Math 151 – Paul Barloon
Course coordination, Math 160 - Mark Hunacek
Course coordination, Math 181/182 – Miriam Castillo-Gil
Course coordination, Math 165/166/265 – Elgin Johnston
Course coordination, Math 195/196 - Gail Johnston
Course coordination, Math 201 - Sung Yell Song
Course coordination, Math 207 - Eli Stines
Course coordination, Math 266/267 – Paul Sacks
Course coordination, Math 317 - Scott Hansen
Course evaluations -- Bonnie Tinker
Course graders, hiring of – Jennifer Newman

Department leadership – Cliff Bergman
Disability liaison and SAAR exam scheduling – Melanie Erickson
Diversity -- Leslie Hogben

EASE Reports – Ellen Olson
Equipment, purchases - Bonnie Tinker, Jan Nyhus
Evaluations, course and instructor (distribution of) - Bonnie Tinker
Evaluations, faculty – Cliff Bergman
Evaluations, teaching assistants – Jennifer Newman
Event Coordination -- Jan Nyhus
Exams, room reservations – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson (SAAR)
Experience Iowa State (EIS) -- Dawn Walker, James Wilson
Experimental course announcements – Jennifer Newman, Graduate Committee, Undergraduate Committee

Facility work requests – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson, Bonnie Tinker
Faculty Performance & Growth Forms – Bonnie TInker
Files, faculty – Ellen Olson
Files, graduate and postdoc – Melanie Erickson
Files, lecturers – Ellen Olson
Files, undergraduate – Math Office

Graders & Help Room Employees – Jennifer Newman
Grades, submission – Ellen Olson
Graduate Committee – Eric Weber, Justin Peters
Graduate education, director of – Justin Peters (M/AM), Alejandro Andreotti (MSM)
Graduate faculty advisor – Justin Peters (M/AM) and Alejandro Andreotti (MSM)
Grant proposals – Ellen Olson, Bonnie Tinker

Group Exams, copying/distribution -- Ellen Olson
Group Exams, room assignments – Math Office

Hardware, computer – Rod Ragner
High School Outreach -- Elgin Johnston, Cliff Bergman
Hospitality - Jan Nyhus

IT Coordination -- Fritz Keinert
Instructor Evaluations -- Bonnie Tinker
Intramurals – Bonnie Tinker, Ellen Olson
Inventory, computer equipment – Rod Ragner

Keys and locks – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson

Lab monitors, hiring and supervision of – Nicholas Payne-TA Lab Coordinator
Leave reporting – Bonnie Tinker
Letters of Intent, faculty and lecturers – Bonnie Tinker
Letters of Intent, graduate and postdoc – Melanie Erickson
Letters of recommendation, faculty – Department Chair
Letters of recommendation, graduate student and alumni – Melanie Erickson
Letters of recommendation, undergraduate – see specific professor/instructor, Math Office
Locks and keys – Ellen Olson
Lost and found – 396 Carver Hall

Mail - Ellen Olson
Math for Elementary Education Teachers Program – Gail Johnston
Math 10 Help Room coordinator - Chris Schultz
Math Matters annual report – Bonnie Tinker
Mathematics Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) – Justin Peters, Melanie Erickson
Media contacts –
Make-up exams, reservations – Melanie Erickson, Ellen Olson
MyLabsPlus - Zhanar Berikkyzy

Night Exams, see Exams, Group

Office assignments, faculty, postdoc, and graduate students – Melanie Erickson
Office assignments, visitors – Bonnie Tinker
Online and WWW instructor support – Nicholas Payne-TA Lab Coordinator
Orientation, graduate students – Lead TA (Stefanie Wang), Justin Peters
Orientation and careers courses, undergraduate – James Wilson

Payroll, faculty, lecturers and staff – Bonnie Tinker
Payroll, graduate and postdoc – Melanie Erickson
Payroll, hourly – Ellen Olson
Photocopying – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson
Pi Mu Epsilon -- Steve Butler
Posters, colloquia and other –
Postdoc Performance & Growth Forms – Bonnie Tinker
Postings, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Postings, undergraduate – Math Office
Programs, graduate – Justin Peters (M/AM) and Alejandro Andreotti (MSM)
Publications, departmental - Bonnie TInker
Purchase Requisitions – Bonnie Tinker

Records, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Records, undergraduate – Math Office
Recruitment, graduate – Justin Peters, Alejandro Andreotti, Melanie Erickson
Recruitment, undergraduate – James Wilson, Dawn Walker
Reservations: classrooms, exams, colloquium and other meeting rooms – Ellen Olson, Melanie Erickson
Reservations: conferences, special events - Jan Nyhus
REU support – Bonnie TInker

Secondary certification in math – Heather Bolles, Alex Andreotti
Scholarships, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Scholarships, undergraduate - Awards & Honors Committee, Jim Wilson, Bonnie Tinker
Software – Rod Ragner (
Statistics, graduate – Melanie Erickson
Statistics, undergraduate – Math Office
Supervision, office staff – Bonnie, Tinker, Cliff Bergman
Supervision, faculty – Cliff Bergman
Supervision, teaching assistants – Jennifer Newman
Supplemental Activity Reports – Bonnie Tinker, Jan Nyhus
Supplies, purchasing – Ellen Olson, Bonnie TInker
Supplies, requests – Office staff
Syllabi Record – Ellen Olson

Teachers' Circle - Elgin Johnston
Teaching assignments, faculty – Jennifer Newman , Elijah Stines
Teaching assignments, graduate assistants – Jennifer Newman, Lead TA (Stefanie Wang)
Teaching evaluations – Bonnie Tinker
Telecommunications – Ellen Olson
Textbooks, Bookstore contact – Ellen Olson
Textbooks, desk copies – Ellen Olson
Textbooks, ordering – Ellen Olson
Training, teaching assistants – Lead TA (Stefanie Wang)
Travel authorizations, employees – Ellen Olson
Travel reimbursements, visitors -- Ellen Olson
Travel reimbursements, employees – Ellen Olson
Tutors, finding - Melanie Erickson

Undergraduate education, director of -- James Wilson
Undergraduate math majors events -- Steve Butler, Kristopher Lee

Visa applications, H1B – Bonnie Tinker, Melanie Erickson
Visa applications, J1 - Melanie Erickson, Bonnie Tinker
Visiting Scholars -- Bonnie Tinker
Visitors -- Bonnie Tinker

Weather, information – Ellen Olson
Web site administration – Melanie Erickson
Web site pages hosted on Orion - Rod Ragner
WebAssign - Paul Sacks