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L-R front row: Kevin Palmowski, Monalisa Munsi, Julia Anderson-Lee, Yi (Jacky) Jiang, Keguo (Tim) Huang. L-R back row: Saulo Orizaga, Brian
Lois, Jason Ekstrand, Zach Voller, Paul Sacks, Brian Estervig


Grad students participate in IMA special workshop

Workshop notes

“It was an amazing opportunity to hear from mathematicians who have been successful in industry talk about some of the things they wish they had known when they were in graduate school and things they would like to see now in job candidates.” That is what Julia Anderson-Lee had to say about her experience at the IMA workshop.

Several graduate students and faculty member Paul Sacks attended the IMA Special Workshop on Careers and Opportunities in Industry for Mathematical Scientists last week in Minneapolis.

Over three days, participants listened to presentations by industry professionals and academics alike, with topics ranging from mathematical entrepreneurship to industrial resumes and interviews.

Kevin Palmowski learned a lot at the workshop. “My main take-away was a plethora of tips and suggestions which will help me be more attractive to potential employers down the line,” he said. “Any students interested in learning more about careers in industry should fi nd one of the ISU participants and ask them about the experience, or check out the web site for the program, which has recordings of many of the sessions, as well as other materials.”

Brian Estervig agreed that it was a great experience. “We had the chance to meet mathematicians in industry who are still connected to the mathematical community. It was also heartening to meet other students with similar hopes and fears about an industrial career,” he said.

Before going, Monalisa Munsi had very little knowledge about industry, the job scenario and what kind of skills they prefer. “Listening to the anecdotes of the industry people, talking to them personally helped me in understanding what areas I should focus on more, what kind of life to expect, the advantages as well as disadvantages of industry job,” she said.

Jacky Jiang also appreciated the friendly networking environment the workshop offered. “It provided a very good platform to show what the industry mathematicians do and how we could prepare ourselves if we have an interest in this area.”

“The IMA people were really nice and helpful,” added Munsi. “In short it was a wonderful learning experience. I would love to go to future IMA workshops.”

Workshop URL: www.ima.umn. edu/2013-2014