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Evans, J.W. with PI P.A. Thiel
Formation and Stability of Supported Metal Nanostructures (CHE-1111500)
NSF Chemistry Division: Chemical Dynamics Program
2011 - 2014

Keinert, F. & N. Vaswani
Recursive Robust Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
National Science Foundation
2011 - 2014

Given an overcomplete set of vectors (the dictionary) and a given vector (the data set), the goal of Principal Components Analysis is to find the sparsest linear combination of dictionary elements which approximately represents the data set. Essentially, this is data compression.

This grant aims to develop new algorithms for the case where there is a sequence of data sets which change slowly over time, such as frames in a video. The correlation between frames will be used to both remove sparse outliers (robustness) and reduce computation time by using the results from previous steps (recursiveness).  Key potential applications include automatic foreground extraction from similar looking backgrounds in video; sensor networks based detection and tracking of abnormal events such as forest fires; online detection of brain activation patterns from functional MRI sequences; or speech/audio extraction from large but correlated background noise.

Liu, H..
Recovery of High Frequency Wave Fields, Kenitic Theory of Photons and Entropy Satisfying Methods

Liu, H..
KI-net: Kinetic description of emergeng challenges in multiscale problems of natural science
NSF Research Network in Mathematical Sciences

Lueke, G. & J. Coyle
Various projects in high performance computing
Cray, Inc.

Lueke, G.
UPC-CHECK follow up projects
Oak Ridge National Labs

Lutz, J. H., E.R. Henderson, J.I. Lathrop, and R.R. Lutz
Robust Molecular Programming: Advances in the Design and Verification of Reliable Self-Assembling Nanosystems
National Science Foundation

Poon, Y.T. with N.S Sze of Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Entanglement in Quantum Information Science
Hong Kong Research Grants Council
2010 - 2014

The aim of this project is to study problems related to quantum entanglement, explore new separability criteria as well as improve and generalize some of those existing separability criteria. The investigators will collaborate with experimentalists and practitioners so that the research team will focus on important and useful problems. The long term goal is to provide simple, practical, and computational tools to experimentalists and develop new mathematical techniques with wide applicability in quantum entanglement.

Tesfatsion, L. (with W. Gutowski, Jr., K. Franz, J. Goodwin, C. Rehmann, W. Simpkins and A. Wanamaker)
Water and Climate Change (WACC):  Building Community Consensus for a Sustainable Future for Iowa and the World
ISU LAS Special Research Initiative (SRI) grant

Tesfatsion, L.
Market Design for Energy, Ancillary and Reliability Services in Wholesale Electric Power Market
Sandia Project (Ancillary Services/Storage Resources/Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)
2011 – annual contract